Thaicoon at SM North Edsa’s Food Court

I have a confession to make, I rarely eat at food courts. I’m not being a snob but this happens to me always, my food when I eat here is always a hit or miss. Inconsistent, of course these aren’t from the usual fastfood chain which are sometimes present there. Yesterday was an exemption, I wanted to have a free Coca-Cola Collectible Glass which is a promo when you eat at SM Food Court so I went on searching for a store to buy our lunch. I chanced upon Thaicoon, and from the store’s design and colors (and also its name), I knew that they serve Thai food. I was quite surprised to find a store inside a food court that serves Thai cuisine. The menu looks promising and they are affordable too.

Thaicoon at SM North Edsa

Thaicoon serves delicious and affordable Thai cuisine inside the food court of SM North Edsa

Jeff likes curry so I ordered Chicken with Green Curry and I had Sizzling Bagoong Rice. The meals do not come with drinks, add Php 30 for additional drink and 1 small square of Thako, a dessert.

Chicken with Green Curry Thaicoon

Chicken with Green Curry, Php 158

This Green Chicken Curry is so flavorful and has generous slices of chicken. The curry sauce is creamy with a spicy kick and the freshness of lime and lemongrass lingers. This is not really spicy though, I think they purposedly tamed the spiciness cater those who can’t tolerate heat that much. This is a must try!

I’m not really sure about the addition of sunny side up egg on top of the rice though, it’s perfect with rice alone.

Sizzling Bagoong Rice from Thaicoon

Sizzling Bagoong Rice, Php 98

For Sizzling Bagoong Rice, you have the choice of pork, chicken, or beef, I chose Chicken. The chicken slices were tender and the sweet sauce is just perfect you’d want to eat more bagoong rice with it. I wish the sizzling plate to be hotter next time.

For dessert which is Thako, I asked what’s in it and the server said it resembles maja blanca. True enough, it tasted like maja blanca, the green bottom layer is flavored with pandan and added bits of corn kernels.

With my discovery of Thaicoon, I think I’ll never be a snob at food courts again. I’ll be back to sample other Thai rice meals.

From their Facebook page, Thaicoon has 3 branches: SM North Edsa, Zuellig Building and Lucky Chinatown.


  1. Sounds good! Hmmm, the nearest branch to me is Lucky Chintaown’s. 🙂



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