Wellmanson’s in Quiapo

As you all know, I love accessories! I collect and sell them and if time permits, I also make accessories. My fave things to do are earrings and charm bracelets. Unfortunately, I still don’t have time to get my hands on my corroded pliers and beading tools. I even sent my polymer clays to my friend because she can put it to good use, and she has very talented hands than mine.

Anyway, for those hobbyist, accessory designers and future online sellers, I’ll let you in on a little secret. If you’re looking for beading supplies like beads, murano glass, metal charms, chains and strings and what-have-yous, go to Wellmanson’s in Quiapo. Wellmanson’s is a haven for accessory lovers, they have everything you need in accessory making and they also sell fashion accessories at a surprisingly cheap price. I can be there inside for hours, I enjoy looking at rows and rows of beads and browsing beading magazines at the sofa. Their staff are also knowledgeable and helpful, like for example, you want to make a glass earrings shown below, the staff will tell you the all materials you need such as fish hooks, jump rings and the glass beads. Same goes if you want to make glass necklaces, just ask and they’d be happy to assist you.

Murano glass earrings

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