Paisley Pretty [Site Makeover]

Have you noticed any changes here? I hope so. This blog has been up for 5 years already and it’s only now that I’ve decided for a make-over. It’s because this blog is my first love, it has more posts than my other blogs and I’m nervous to lose all of these posts during the site overhaul. But yeah, I took the plunge after moving to a reliable host and after deciding the site’s design. Of course, the only person that I can think of who can prettify my site is Patricia of Fancy Girl Design Studio. She already prettified my 2 blogs, and it’s now time to work her magic on this blog.

The Peg

Far from the floral background this site used to have, I want it to be just plain white. I want it to be clean. Buuut….. I want the header to be fabulous. But I tried to veer away from florals, cartoonish designs. I thought of Cath Kidston, but it’s too floral. And then I stumbled upon Vera Bradley patterns… paisley! OMG!

marina paisley vera bradley

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