Season your Teflon pans: Caring for your nonstick cookwares

There are some things that I don’t scrimp on, one of them is food and good kitchen utensils and cookwares. I’m not really into cooking but I can whip up a delicious meal when I’m in the mood. So having good quality utensils, pots and pans is one of my top priorities. Last December, I bought a Teflon frying pan because the Teflon coating in the old frying pan started to wear off and I was afraid of the Teflon dangers I’ve been reading. Little did I know that before its first use, Teflon coated pans and also cast iron cookwares should be “seasoned” before using for cooking. Yeah, I didn’t know this at first too but I’m writing this now so that you can do this on your newly bought Teflon cookwares and cast iron pans.

“Seasoning” means to treat the pan with oil to create, or rejuvenate, a nonstick surface. Cast iron pans traditionally require regular seasoning. But, with use and as Teflon-coated pans age, the surface may need to be seasoned to add to its life and effectiveness. Seasoning a Teflon-coated frying pan, or other Teflon-coated cookware, is fast and simple.

Teflon coated frying pan

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