YOU made my day, Thank You!

While staying at the double room of Taisan Guesthouse, I browsed one of the drawers to look for Hong Kong maps other guests might have left.

brochures and HK maps

True enough, I find brochures and print-outs inside the drawer, but what caught my eye are these three printouts…

my blog posts about HK

A smile creeped into my face the moment I found print outs of my blog posts, call me conceited but I find it flattering that others find my posts helpful. So a BIG thank you to a reader/friend who took time to print these out and made them as your guide. I hope that my posts and future HK posts will be helpful to other travellers as well. Now for other topics like slimming wrap, you can check out my health and beauty blog.

For your reference, here are the links for the three Hong Kong guides:

Shopping in Hong Kong

Hong Kong food trip

Tourist Attractions in Hong Kong

Cheap accommodations in Hong Kong

After posting my entry on Hong Kong Disneyland, I received some inquiries asking where we stayed and some itineraries for their Hong Kong vacation. So before I unravel more Hong Kong-Macau escapades, I’ll share you some cheap Hong Kong hotels, Hong Kong hostels and guesthouses that are suited for your budget.

I did my homework months before our HK trip that’s why I was able to narrow down my choices to 3 accommodations, and then finally decided to stay at HK Taisan Guesthouse to save on money of accommodation and more for shopping and food trips.

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