Sky Cable Digibox

Since May 1, Sky Cable installed Digibox in our home. It promises to deliver clear reception and prevents cable jumpers/tappers in their system. The signal we received is really clear, but for the first two weeks after installation, we experienced no cable signal but it’s all fixed now. Sky Cable Digibox is installed in one television unit only, and we can’t use a cable splitter for other TV sets unlike their old system. If you want to have other TV sets with cable subscription too, a separate Digibox is needed.

In line with the installation of Digibox, Sky Cable also increased its rates, from our monthly plan of Php 680 per month, it’s now Php 780. So I checked out their website for other packages in case we downgrade our subscription. Found out that they have their lowest plan which is Php 280 per month.

Sky Cable 280

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