Found my happiness at Hanamaruken Ramen, Trinoma

Hey guys, your ramen girl is back! You may have noticed the lack of ramen posts here but that doesn’t mean that I’m no longer a ramen monster. I still get my ramen fix and already tried Ramen Nagi, Mitsuyado Sei-Men, and Hanamaruken Ramen. I promise to write about them and let me start with Hanamaruken Ramen in Trinoma.

I think yesterday was our 5th visit in Hanamaruken Ramen in Trinoma. We dined here with our friends on its opening month, the succeeding visits were with my family to have our ramen fix.

Hanamaruken Ramen is a franchise from Osaka, Japan. It was created by a family of butchers in 1982. It is a subsidiary of the Arakawa Pork Company, a reputable supplier of high-quality meat in Osaka, Japan. Hence, it not only brings the flavors of Osaka through its ramen but also with its meat.

Our usual order: shoyu-based ramen for Jeff, spicy ramen for me, and a rice bowl for Ate Rose.

hanamaruken ramen trinoma

Curry Tan Tan Mien, Php 320

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