Healthy and delicious fresh chicken in a can with Purefoods Sexy Chix

Part of my #projectfit aside from going to the gym is to try to eat healthier. Just like my trainer told me, you can’t lose weight even if you workout everyday, you also need to watch your diet. This can be a challenge since your options are limited when looking for healthier alternatives at the grocery. I can’t eat salad everyday, you know!

One of the recommended source of protein when you’re in a diet is from chicken meat. It provides the health benefits that people need every day. Purefoods has created a delicious and healthy counterpart to fresh chicken by locking in its tastiness and nutrients in chicken chunks in a can to make it even more accessible and extra delightful to the palate of health-conscious chicken lovers. Purefoods Sexy Chix Chicken Chunks is the well-loved fresh meat product that is as guilt-free as it is tasty.

purefoods sexy chix

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