It’s Krrunch Time, get Playful!

Filipinos are known to be generous and thoughtful, that’s why wherever part of the world they may be, they don’t forget their loved ones left in the Philippines. Thanks to technology, we can keep in touch with each other and the misery that comes with distance is somehow alleviated. From time to time, our loved ones in the US always remembers to send a little something for relatives here in the Philippines, hence, the emergence of Balikbayan Box. For those who aren’t familiar, the box is full of imported goodies, new and used clothes, imported chocolates, Spam (not the email kind, hehe), sausages, perfumes, toys and other things for your whole Filipino clan.

the box
the “box”

And here’s the fun krrunch part, opening the box! Let’s begin the Krrunch time at home…

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