PLDT Telpad’s TelMeHow application

PLDT Telpad just got even better! If you’re already amazed with PLDT’s innovation on Telpad combining a tablet and landline in one, wait till you know about TelMeHow.

Aside from the limitless possibilities and applications (apps) that you can do with the PLDT Telpad, TelMeHow was launched as Telpad’s “exclusive application”.

The PLDT Telpad S7 Slim boasts of an 8 GB internal memory, 512 MB RAM, 1 GHz Qualcomm processor and additional storage capacity of up to 32 GB. The sleek S7 Slim also has a micro HDMI port for larger scale viewing on HD television. It also comes with 3-axis Accelerometer, gravity, and ambient light sensors.

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