Watch NFL at the comforts of your own home

If you’re an NFL fan and you’re too lazy to go out and watch the game live, then the NFL Sunday Ticket is for you. You can still enjoy the action by inviting friends over, prepare some snacks and booze and get on with your cheer. This is also great for guys if they’re tired of movie marathons or TV series every night. You and your friends can enjoy a week-long NFL because it offers up to 16 games per week. Oh, and if you’re crushing on that hunk player, they have a special feature called “Player Tracker” that follows your favorite player.

You’re definitely getting a good deal of entertainment with the NFL Sunday Ticket price. You can even check out the NFL Sunday Ticket schedule so you won’t miss your favorite game or favorite player in action.

It’s raining, turn on the TV

It’s rainy season here in the Philippines and it’s a bummer especially if you have plans of going out in the weekends. Of course, you can always brave the rain and go wherever you planned but for us, it’s such a hassle even if we have our own transportation. Aside from being gloomy, travelling in the streets of Metro Manila during a heavy downpour is accident-prone especially along Edsa, slow-moving traffic in some areas or floods in other areas. So what better way to pass the weekends is to cuddle up, cook your favorite home-cooked meal and watch TV. For the sports fanatic, you can buy NFL Sunday Ticket to watch your National Football League games.

You also get to save because with the NFL Sunday Ticket price, you can watch as many as 14 games with your ticket. That’s a good offer from Direct TV. Just check the NFL Sunday Ticket schedule to see the available NFL match ups for the day.

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