The Morning Banana Diet: going bananas for weight loss

The newest fad diet, Morning Banana Diet, is all the rave in Japan. I’m sure everyone have written on their New Year’s resolution about dieting so here’s another weight loss diet to consider. I recently discovered about it from Girltalk forum but I didn’t pay much attention about it. Until Mel and Joey also showed this Morning Banana Diet on TV earlier. I got curious, I researched about it and I’m sharing what I’ve found.

This is indeed a very simple and cheap diet that everyone can follow including me. The rule is simple, just eat bananas for breakfast (eat bananas as much as you like until full) and drink only room-temperature water. This should make you full until lunch. By lunch time, you can eat whatever you like. You can take your snack at 3 pm. For dinner, make sure you eat dinner before 8 pm and you should be asleep before 12 midnight. Eating dairy products such as ice cream as well as desserts is prohibited.

Some news I’ve found in the Internet reported rapid weight loss by following the Morning Banana Diet but remember that rapid weight loss might also bring rapid weight regain. I’m still not sure if this diet will work but I’m gonna try this too! Maybe we can also control our fat intake and consider eating healthy foods such as fruits and vegetables and fiber-rich foods for lunch and dinner. Diet paired with exercise is still the best way to lose those excess pounds.

Watch the video of the Morning Banana Diet:

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