Mongkok street foods

You know you’re in Mongkok when as you emerge from the MTR exit, you can smell the street foods. Some smell stinky, especially the intestines. And when it comes to intestines, I still prefer our very own “isaw”. But to give in to my curiosity, I gave it a try. There’s plenty of street foods to choose from, from intestines, bacon wrapped sausage, lobster balls, fish balls, etc…

I can see beef balls, bean curd, sausage, lobster balls

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Tim Ho Wan: cheapest Michelin starred restaurant in Hong Kong

I’ve read from several blog posts about this new Michelin starred dimsum restaurant in Mongkok, Tim Ho Wan. This made Tim Ho Wan included in our lists of “to-do” things, Lin Heung (which is also a Michelin starred restaurant) is also included in the list but Tim Ho Wan is closer to TST. Coming from the warnings of other bloggers, the waiting time is 2 hours, so to avoid this, come before the place opens at 10 am. We arrived past 10 am, so the first batch of lucky diners were already munching their dimsum inside. We were handed an order slip by the attendant, scribbled number 11 on it and hastily said “half hour!”. We roamed around the area for around 20 minutes and when we came back, we’re surprised with the crowd in front of the place:

people waiting for their queue at Tim Ho Wan

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