All set for our first family travel

I can’t contain my excitement, the three of us will fly in 2 months! You see, I booked tickets to Singapore when Cebu Pacific had their Labor Day sale. Tickets are still expensive at around Php 11,000 for round-trip tickets for two but I’m just using the money refunded because of my canceled tickets to South Korea last January since I just gave birth. We can leave Gwen at my in-laws but Jeff suggested that we bring Gwen with us to Singapore.

I immediately completed her requirements to get a passport and luckily, DFA passport application for infants was a breeze. It’s like the stars are aligned for Gwen to travel this young. And what’s even great is that our friend, Eric, is willing to adopt us in their home for free. We also don’t have to worry about Gwen’s sterilizer, crib and stroller because Eric also has a baby boy. This is such a blessing since we’re still recovering from our expenses from our Hong Kong trip.

I hope that we’ll be able to survive our 5-day SG vacation, of course, I won’t make an itinerary this time. Because I just want it to be easy for Gwen. When she’s old enough and can appreciate these things, I might plan for holidays to Majorca. I just told Jeff that we have to visit Universal Studios Singapore and I’ll be okay. On the other hand, he wants to explore an island in Singapore called Pulau Ubin. Sounds great, and our itinerary must not include shopping places because it’s the Great Singapore Sale during that time, haha…

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