July 27 is a working holiday

Holiday no more… Malacanang palace clarifies the earlier reports on July 27 declared as Iglesia ni Cristo Day (INC Day), as a special WORKING holiday. Yesterday, the palace issued conflicting statements that’s why they made a clarification today. Again, July 27 is a WORKING holiday, people.

The cancelled holiday saddened me though. I was about to get excited and plan the things-to-do for that long weekend. I was looking forward for a 3-day weekend this July for some R&R. No plans of going out0of-town, just ample time to relax and bury myself in bed pillows till noon. It’s been a long time since I’ve had more than 8 hours of sleep. In the afternoon, I’ll do some crafts or bring out my pots and pans and make use of my cooking equipment. No fastfood for the weekend and try to cook healthy meals for a change. For the husband, it’s time to pick up his hand tools to do some minor repairs in our room.

This long weekend plan will be put off for a while though. How about you? Care to share your weekend routine?

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