Christmas mode ON

It’s first of December, and Christmas is really really fast approaching. I can really feel the rush especially when I’m in malls, all people are in the buying mode, bazaars are everywhere and midnight/warehouse sales are happening every week. While everyone is excited for Christmas, Jeff and I are excited for the best gift ever! Yes, it’s down to 4 weeks and we’re going to be parents. It’s nice to welcome 2011 with a new addition.

I’m still cramming, baby things and the baby room are not yet ready, and then it’s Christmas that’s why I have to hurry shopping and wrapping for presents. And some time next week, my high school friends will be throwing a simple baby shower, I’m thinking of making baby shower invitations if time permits.

holiday cheer

Meanwhile, let me spread some holiday cheer and show my BIG tummy, photo taken at the office, we had a mini contest of pimping up our own cubicles…

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