Coke Zero’s newest TVC featuring Ely Buendia, Gaby dela Merced and Billy Crawford

“Dare to start with zero” is the newest tagline from Coke Zero’s newest TV commercial. Featuring 3 successful individuals in their chosen fields: Ely Buendia, Gaby dela Merced and Billy Crawford. Last Sunday, I was intrigued by some snippets of commercial showing Marc Abaya reporting a billboard ad in Guadalupe. It was a marketing ploy that kept me glued on the TV until I knew what it was.

I wasn’t surprised with Coke Zero, I was surprised with the fact that Ely Buendia is one of the three endorsers. Ely Buendia = Pinoy Rock Icon, amen! If anything is possible, is it possible that another Eraserheads concert is on its way? hehe…

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