Direct TV in various parts of the US

My Auntie Norma who lives in Florida called us up yesterday, she’s been worried sick about our situation here in the Philippines. They are subscribed with Direct TV that’s why they are updated with international news even if they’re miles away.  The whole family is fine after 2 typhoons, she made a sigh of relief and thankful after knowing that. I kept laughing and at the same time, proud of the efforts my Auntie Norma has made just to keep contact with us. She’s already past her 60’s but she and her husband tried to use Yahoo Messenger and Skype and also Facebook to keep the communication lines open. Lola and Lolo Techies are sprouting everywhere, huh?

Meanwhile, if you have relatives in the US, you can also recommend to them to subscribe to Directv. My Auntie Norma’s family is happy with their subscription, aside from getting news from the Philippines via the international channels available, my Uncle Woody gets his daily dose of HD movies from HD channels available. They loved it so much they have to check if there’s a Direct TV in NY when their dearest daughter decided to move to New York to work.  They said it’s a perfect send-off gift or (welcome gift) to their daughter when she moves and lives on her own in the Big Apple.

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