Shopping in Hong Kong: shop till you drop

In Hong Kong, there’s always a sale that awaits you. Hong Kong is a shopping mecca, especially during sale season which runs from July to August. In fact, the Hong Kong Shopping Festival attracts tourists from around the world because of massive sales and incredibly low prices from different shops. But even if its not sale season, most shops offer promos and discounts that keeps shoppers happy.

This self-confessed shopaholic can’t help but check out all the shops around the Tsim Sha Tsui area, while Jeff is overwhelmed with the outdoor shops in Mong Kok. Upon checking the tag prices of the items we’re interested in, we knew our wallets will be in deep trouble, the items are cheaper in Hong Kong compared with our prices here and these shopaholics grabbed the opportunity to shop till wallets ran dry.

In Hong Kong, theres always a sale that awaits you.

In Hong Kong, there's always a sale that awaits you.

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