Lucky charms for 2010, Year of the Tiger

Here are the lucky charms for 2010 that will help us bring goodluck, health and prosperity for the Year of the Tiger. In my previous post, I wrote about the lucky color for 2010 and some lucky charms as well. My mother believes in Feng Shui and she sees to it to be updated for the latest charms, she also orders customized pieces from her supplier. In line with this, I decided to offer lucky charm bracelets at my online shop, Pink Fortune.

These pieces are for a limited time only…

For wealth:

Money Bar Coral bracelet

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Lucky colors and lucky charms for 2010 (Metal Tiger)

2010 is finally here, year of the Metal Tiger. Aside from preparing sumptuous meals during New Year’s eve, my mother is also busy preparing her lucky charms in time for the coming 2010. Right after Christmas, she visited Binondo to look for new lucky charms for the coming year. She also got some tips from what feng shui experts said on TV. I personally do not believe in these lucky charms because a person has the control of his/her own fate but it’s my mother’s happiness so I let her be.

2010: Year of the Metal Tiger

For those who are interested, here’s what I gathered from the grapevine:

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