Cherry Mobile P3 and Cherry Mobile Q1

Cherry Mobile P3 and Cherry Mobile Q1 are the two latest phones from Cherry Mobile. After lusting over Cherry Mobile P1 for months now, my curiosity has passed and decided to just keep my two existing Nokia phones. It’s still quite popular even today, and I bet, the two latest Cherry Mobile phones, P3 and Q1 will also be popular among students and those who are looking for affordable back-up phones.

Cherry Mobile P3 is like an updated version of Cherry Mobile P1. Cherry Mobile P3 is the colored version of P1. Selling price is Php 1,290.

Cherry Mobile P3 green

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Cherry Mobile P1, I want!

I want a Cherry Mobile P1! Cherry Mobile is a new player in the mobile phone market, its edge is offering affordable dual-sim phones, no wonder it has became popular in a just short period of time.

If you’re intrigued on how this phone looks like, it’s very small and has different colors. It looks like more of an MP3 player than a mobile phone. The reason why I want it so bad is because it’s only Php 999. Yep, nine-hundred-ninety-nine!

Cherry Mobile P1

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