10 Most Popular Casual Outfits Ideas for Men 2018

Men’s fashion has never been more exciting. Finally, there are plenty of options and styles to choose from. You can mix and match, and create a look that is truly unique for your personality and style. With that being said, we want to help you stay stylish. So, we have compiled 10 different casual outfits for you to choose from. Whether you’re going to the bar, hanging with friends or going on a first date – any of these outfits would be perfect.

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  1. The Timeless Look

    If there is one thing we can agree on it’s that things like jeans and Chelsea boots never go out of style. So, whether you prefer yours straight leg or slim fit, find the perfect pair of jeans. Brown Chelsea boots are perfect, but it really will depend on the colour of jeans you choose. Remember, Chelsea boots come in all kinds of different styles and designs, and they are truly timeless. All you need now is the right shirt and a belt. When it comes to the belt, wear one that matches your shoes – right down to the shade. That is major bonus points. You can wear this with a t-shirt, a button-down or a polo shirt. You can mix it up depending on how casual you want to be.
  2.  Summer Casual

    Luckily, short shorts are in which means a nice, fitted pair of chino shorts is both casual and stylish. Go for a pair of tan shorts, finish with a crisp, white, short sleeved button down, and a pair of brown loafers. Now you need the perfect sunglasses to match. Don’t forget that brown belt, though.

  3.  Chino Cool

    Chinos have never gone out of style, the only thing that changes about them is their cut. So, choose your favourite cut and run with it. You can go casual with a slim fit t-shirt and a pair of sneakers. Or, you can go upscale casual with a button down and Oxfords. Either way, you have the perfect look for watching a film with a date or grabbing brunch.

  4.  The Hitchhiking Look

    Everyone needs a great pair of jeans and hiking boots and with those two items, you can create an entire look. Now you need a hoodie and a bodywarmer (or a gilet to those true fashion lovers). The best way to finish this look is with a beanie hat, but a cap will do, too.

  5.  Stylish Casual

    If you have a casual date then you can dress down, but still look amazing. It’s easier than you think. All you need is a slim-fit button down. If it’s a long-sleeved shirt roll your sleeves up. Don’t tuck your shirt in, though, just let it hang loose and wear a pair roll-up jeans (slim fit will do, but go skinny if you prefer them). Now finish with a pair of Oxfords or loafers. Sharp.

  6.  Summer Lovin’

    It’s time to rock your polo shirts and the best way to do this is with a nice pair of Bermuda shorts. Now, you can wear sandals with this outfit, opt for thongs or go with trainers. That’s entirely up to you – if you don’t love to get your feet out then the latter is probably the best move. However, you will have to contend with tan lines.

  7. Cardigan Casual

    Cardigans are in and they can finish off any outfit, whether you’re wearing shorts, jeans or chinos. A layered look is ideal for evenings – so toss that cardigan on top of your sweater, with a collared shirt underneath.

  8.  The New Trend

    One of the newest trends is pairing a long coat with high water pants. Roll your skinny jeans up, wear long socks, and wear skater shoes. It’s perfect. Bonus points if you’re wearing braces.

  9.  Keep It Simple

    Jeans, shirt, shoes. It doesn’t get more simple than that. You don’t need to go buy big name brands to look cool. David Bowie could wear just about anything and still look like a fashion icon. It’s all about getting the right fit. When you choose the right cut of jeans and the perfect shape of t-shirt then you can wear just about any shoes. You will see a clear difference in your outfit than the guy next to you, even if he’s wearing an identical outfit. Size does matter.

  10. Business Casual

    It’s time to step outside the box. A suit usually screams formal, however, these days suits can be a bit more casual. Whether you opt for pinstripes or a solid colour, it’s the accessories that you choose that can formalise or casualise your outfit. So, let’s take a grey solid suit. Now you can mix it up. You can wear a fitted Hawaiian shirt and a solid tie, throw in striped (or another pattern) socks and slick shoes. Taking a traditional suit and injecting colourful accessories is a unique way to create a more casual look while looking sharp.

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