My uber cute business card and product tags

If you’re a blogger or a shop owner who wants to market your site, then you already know that giving out business cards is one great way to increase exposure with your site. Your card’s design can also make or break a possible visitor at your site or a possible buyer from your online shop. So having a well-designed business card and product tag is a must. If you’re giving out a rather dull and boring plain-text business card, chances are people might just forget about it or worse, throw them away. Now, if you’re card are cute and colorful, people have a tendency to keep it and therefore, they can have a recall of your blog or shop site.

Have you ever visited a candy store and felt so much joy just looking at the colorful candies? That’s how you’ll feel when visiting Sugarprints’ Multiply site. I first ordered product tags for my online shop from Ethel, next are stickers, then business cards for my blog. Come to think of it, sometimes I’m only trying to make an excuse to have another round of orders just so I can have my dose of cute stickers.

product tags for Pink Fortune
product tags for Pink Fortune

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