Biogesic Giveaway

Weather these days is so unpredictable, you leave the house with the sun up and shining and you come home wet from the rain. So it’s inevitable that we get the occasional sniffles, headache or migraine due to hot weather and fever. For moms like me, I can’t afford to just lie down whenever I have headache or fever, I need to get well and recover fast because I want to spend time with my baby. That’s why whenever I have a headache or I’m coming down with a fever, I pop Biogesic right away. Even if I’m breastfeeding, it’s definitely safe! With Biogesic, diretso sa lagnat, diretso galing!

For kids and babies, mommies can trust doctor-recommended Biogesic for Kids with Micronized Technology.

Win these!

Now, Biogesic will be giving away 2 Biogesic 8s pack, 1 Female shirt and 1 Biogesic Imortal Tumbler to 5 lucky winners.

Here’s what you’ll do to qualify:

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