Super / Star for a day plus your chance to be the next YouTube star

I became a Super-Slash-Star for a day, thanks to Nestle Fruit Selection Yogurt for bringing me in a quick getaway last month. I received an email from Nuffnang inviting me for a getaway but no hints about the location and the activity. All it said was to bring change of clothes, whoa! I got giddy and since I love getaways, I said yes!

One Saturday morning, I packed my bags and headed to our meeting place in BGC. But first, breakfast in Pancake House with Nestle Fruit Selection Yogurt Drink in Strawberry.

nestle fruit selection yogurt drink

After that yummy breakfast, we boarded the bus going to our secret hideaway. Read on, all I can tell for now is that it’s somewhere up north.

nestle fruit selection yogurt

With me in the photo is Anne of, she’s a vlogger/beauty blogger/mom, check out her YouTube channel too!

We were ushered in the event complete with umbrellas since it’s very hot and sunny that day, it’s a very posh and formal venue made for a star! Kat Alano was there to welcome us and as host during the event.

kat alano

Okay, I’m not good at keeping secrets! This awesome place is just an hour-and-half drive from Manila, it’s in Baliwag, Bulacan. Our Super/Star Day Away is in The Greenery, Bulacan.

the greenery, bulacan

infinity pool at The Greenery

the greenery bulacan

the greenery bulacan

Nestle Fruit Selection Yogurt brought us to this picture-perfect place so that we’ll have a nice backdrop for our activity for the day. This is in line with their video-making contest which I’ll tell you more about later. Anyway, first thing we did is to download Flipagram. Download this too because it’s a handy app for the contest.

Through Flipagram, we were asked to combine photos about who we are, our passion, interests, and skills. We are all Super / Stars (Super Slash Stars)  in one way or another, we wear multiple hats. I’m a mommy, a homemaker, a blogger, a friend, a shopaholic, a foodie, etc. With all these roles as a Super/Star, we need one #mysuperfood for us to keep up with the demands of our activities.

Nestle Fruit Selection Yogurt, #mysuperfood

Nestle Fruit Selection Yogurt, #mysuperfood

#mysuperfood is Nestle Fruit Selection Yogurt. My fave variants are the Berry Mix and Yummy Strawberry. This is one healthy food that also tastes yummy so it’s not hard to eat. We all know that yogurt is good for the body because of these benefits: calcium, low-fat, immunity, good digestion, and a yummy food.

Kim Jones and Patty Laurel, the real Superstars, were also at the event. And they really love Nestle Fruit Selection Yogurt too! I should eat gallons of these so that I can be forever fresh as Patty :p

Patty Laurel

with Patty Laurel of

with Kim Jones

with Kim Jones of

I had fun at my Super / Star Day Away at The Greenery. But you know what, if you join the Super / Star Video promo, you can win a trip to Bali for 4! Check out the mechanics:

Super / Star Video Promo

Super / Star Video Promo

All joiners are already winners coz you’ll get a free recipe e-book for valid entries. For more details, go to


  1. Whoa! Trip for 4 to Bali, I like that! I will check this out!

    I want to go to The Greenery, is that open to public?



    Badet Reply:

    Yes, it’s open for the public. It’s often used as venues for a wedding. Check out their site na lang,


  2. What a lovely place! Too bad di ako pang-video. hahaha! 🙂


    Badet Reply:

    It’s just a collection of photos combined to make a video. Short lang, join na 🙂


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