Sumo meals at Sumo Sam

We were able to use a Sumo Sam voucher from CashCashPinoy last month. Good thing they have a branch at ELJ Building, ABS-CBN compound so we had our lunch. We were quite intimated to dine here before because meals might be expensive, so using the voucher is great savings.

Posh Sumo Sam interiors

Sumo Sam has an extensive menu, from rice meals, sushi and ramen. Jeff had their rice meal, Beef Yakiniku.

Beef Yakiniku, Php 248

Generous servings of meat and veggies, the flavorful sauce is on the sweet side. Sumo Sam really did not scrimp on ingredients and with the servings too, this plate can be shared by two people.

Shoyu Ramen, Php 299

I asked the staff if they have spicy ramen, unfortunately they don’t have spicy ones so I settled for Shoyu Ramen. It’s taste is far from an authentic ramen and is quite ordinary. I like the well-cooked noodles but it’s tastes like instant noodles for me. Again, servings is huge and good for sharing.

They have 3 kinds of iced tea, we had the bottomless red and green iced tea. Next time, we’ll try their sushi.


  1. The yakiniku looks delish. I wonder how their gyouza tastes. I love gyouza.


  2. i’ve tried yakiniku in a different resto, but yours mukhang more yummy…hungry na!


  3. OMG this is making me drool Badet!!! I love ramen and everything Japanese!


  4. yup, mukhang expensive nga po =)
    but you should have take a photo with some hand on it for us to scale the size of the plate.
    but nice shots po =)


    Badet Reply:

    Nice suggestion =)


  5. Parang ang sarap sarap naman!


  6. San san ba mga branch nito Badet?


  7. hay ang sarap naman !


  8. ramen! <33


  9. We’re glad you were able to experience dining at Sumo Sam! Hope you get to enjoy more at 🙂


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