Starbucks Moleskine Planners 2016

One of the most exciting times of the year for coffee lovers is the time of the sticker season, aka planner season! Starbucks does not fail in keeping us addicted to coffee and planners. For 2016, Starbucks Philippines collaborated with Moleskine to come up with Starbucks Moleskine Planners 2016!

starbucks philippines moleskine planners 2016

I first got wind of the Moleskine planners because Starbucks Singapore already released their 2016 planners. Check out the photos of Starbucks Moleskine planners from Singapore.

Starbucks 2016 Moleskine Planners from Singapore

Starbucks 2016 Moleskine Planners from Singapore / photo from Starbucks SG

I got stoked upon seeing the IG post from @moleskineph, it’s really happening! A Moleskine notebook is a constant item in my Christmas wishlist so now, I can finally have one!

The planners will come in two sizes: the regular-sized ones and the small daily planner. I think I’m going with the small ones this year.

Start collecting stickers from November 2 to January 7, 2015. Collect a total of 18 stickers: 9 holiday featured beverages and 9 Starbucks core beverages to redeem your Starbucks X Moleskine 2016 Planner.

Starbucks Cards New Designs

Apart from the planner collaboration, there’s sparkling collab between Starbucks x Swarovski. A limited edition Starbucks Mini Swarovski card will be released on November 2, 2015!

starbucks mini swarovski card

photo from Starbucks FB page

Other designs to watch out for are:

  • Limited Edition 18th Anniversary Card
  • Snowman, Christmas Tree, Merry Christmas cards
  • Limited Edition Starbucks x Anna Sui Card

I can’t wait to get my hands on the Mini Swarovski and Anna Sui cards! Care to have coffee and help me fill my card some time?


  1. I am excited to start collecting Starbucks stickers again!


  2. Mas konti ang stickers ngayon ha! In fairness, moleskin. Tagal ko na bet maachib to. hihihihi


    Badet Siazon Reply:

    I-achieve natin yan!


  3. Cool!! … would love to get the 2016 planner!!



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