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Have you watched the latest video from Safeguard? It was shown in TV and also on social media just in time for Mother’s Day last week. I’ve watched it a lot of times and the video still leaves a tug in my heart. I guess this is why the video has gone viral with a million views on Facebook as of this writing. It’s one of those commercials a lot can relate, not just Filipinos. We all grew up in the loving arms of our mother or our Nanay. Mothers are considered as “ilaw ng tahanan” or “light of the house”, but with all their sacrifices and unparalleled love and support to their children, mothers are considered to be another pillar of strength along with the fathers. She may be OA at times but she means well and only wants the best for us.

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Para sa OA kong Nanay by Safeguard Philippines

Have you watched the video? Let me share to you something about my mother. My Nanay is a softie and a toughie just like Safeguard which provides protection for the Filipino family for the last 50 years. She raised me and my brother all by herself most of the time because my father is an OFW. In our house, she’s both the father and mother. However difficult her responsibility is, she never faltered in giving us equal and undivided love and attention.

They said that you will never understand your mother until you become one yourself. Looking back, I realized it must be very hard for my Nanay before because she took care of us without the help of my Papa. I am also now a mommy but Nanay is still here for me and my daughter. And I could not thank her enough for this.

It’s not too late to send a message to your Nanay. Tell the whole world you love them by sharing on Facebook or Twitter and using the hashtags #Safeguard50 #ThankYouMom.

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This post has been sponsored by Safeguard Philippines, but all thoughts and opinions are my own.

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