Boracay Eats: Spice Bird

The restaurant scene in Boracay just got more exciting with the opening of Spice Bird. I already saw Spice Bird in D’Mall during our summer vacation last April but we had to accommodate our relatives’ yearning for Filipino food. When we came back last November, checking out new restos and foods to try is part of the itinerary. We were so happy with Spice Bird, we ate here twice!

spice bird boracay

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We first dropped by for dinner and we ordered Piri-Piri Pork Board and Piri-Piri Cubano. “PIRI-PIRI,” “PERI-PERI,” or “Bird’s Eye” is a the name of a bad-ass little chili from Africa that brings explosive flavor to every dish it touches. At Spice Bird, they made their own version of Piri-Piri sauce and used it in their dishes.

Piri-Piri Cubano sandwich

Piri-Piri Cubano, Php 275

This Cubano sandwich has slices of roasted chicken, tomato, and cheese pressed in a Cuban bread. I ordered this because I’m quite full but I got this big serving of a sandwich too. I only ate half of this and just ate the other half the next day.

spicebird boracay Piri-Piri Pork Board

Piri-Piri Pork Board, Php 320

For the Piri-Piri Pork Board, you can choose between pork chop or pork belly. Jeff chose the Pork Belly, it came along with a hefty serving of Spice Rice, side salad, milky roll, and veggie chips. This is almost good for two persons because the pork belly is thick. It is marinated for 24 hours so you can really taste the flavor sans the sauces. The meat is so tender you don’t need a knife to slice this.

And speaking of sauces, Spice Bird has 4 sauces that will haunt your tastebuds even if you’re back in Manila.

spice bird boracay sauces

Piri-piri has the right amount of heat. Hotbird sauce is the leveled up Piri-Piri. Garlic and Lime is one my favorite, it complements the grilled meats pefectly. Salsa Verde is like your pesto sauce. Their staff recommends mixing your own sauce, oooh we like DIY. We like mixing Piri-piri and Garlic & Lime together, just play with the ratio.

We enjoyed the food at Spice Bird so much we came back for lunch the next day. This time, we ordered the Chicken Board, and knowing their big portions, we settled for the 1/4 grilled chicken, along with the Spice rice, side salad, milky roll, and veggie chips.

Piri-piri Chicken Board spice bird boracay

Piri-piri Chicken Board, Php 295

If you’re going to Boracay, make sure to put Spice Bird in your must eats in the island. Look for it in D’Mall, behind the ferris wheel.


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