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Since I got pregnant, I kept my shoe purchases low. I might end up not being to able to use them once I gave birth. Some people I know end up with feet with a bigger size post-pregnancy. I haven’t tried all my shoes yet but I hope they all still fit on me.

As a reward for myself, I think it’s time for me to buy new shoes! But since I can’t window shop at the mall yet, online window shopping will suffice. I’m browsing at, I’m eyeing for womens sandals but a gorgeous oxford shoes caught my attention…

oxford shoes

I’m not sure if oxfords are still big this 2011 though… How about you? What are you planning to buy at the start of the year? Remember, mallwide sales might be happening soon…


  1. hallu Badet! as in, wala na kasya sa akin sa mga shoes ko before.. i asked my friend to buy me Kedz, a size bigger, when she went home last sept. yun lang nagagamit ko talaga plus the uggs we just bought this december… at every winter lang sya magagamit pati, kkkk….

    like you, i’m also careful with some of my purchases: clothes and shoes.. sayang naman…

    Congratulations ulit ah… hope to see a lot of Gwen’s photos…

    btw, Alex wants our baby to have an english name. actually, noon ko pa gusto ang “gwyneth” pero it means pumpkin’s color yata here in Korea so ayaw nya.. yung nieces ko naman, they are suggesting “Tori” from the popular nickelodeon character pero “tori” in korean means “spicy”.. haay, ang hirap naman so Soo Ae na lang muna.. si baby na bahala pumili ng name nya later on, hehe…


  2. Hi! I just saw your blog, naku hindi ba babalik size ng paa? Ako nama ngayong preggy naka 6 pairs of shoes na, pero ung size ko pre-preggy.

    They said babalik naman size ng paa. Now im worried. Hehehe congrats new mom! 🙂


  3. Oxfords are always nice –they are classics and never go out of style. As for me, I’m reducing my shopping since I don’t need a lot of shoes and clothes for I have so much of them —-it’s making me feel guilty that I have so much and see so many people around me who have nothing.


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