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How secure is your home? In these times, a home security system is imperative to ensure security of your loved ones and your valuables. Living in an exclusive, gated and guarded subdivision doesn’t spare you from being victims of robbery and intrusion. What’s worse is that some robbers not just get the money and material things they want but even kill their victims. A similar incident happened just the other day with Filipino-Canadian film critic Alexis Tioseco wherein Alexis and his Slovenian partnet, Nika Bohinc, were shot dead at their Quezon City residence because of violent burglary.

Home security system
Home security system

Installing a security system to your gates, doors and entrances is the first step to a safer home. In our house, Jeff mounted an alarm system that will alert us by a loud sound every time the door is opened. This may not be as high-tech as an ADT alarm system used by many American homes but it’s still an instrument to ward off robbers. Another suggestion is to keep the surroundings of your house well-lit. Robbers usually do away with lighted areas as they can easily be seen. A CCTV camera is also an option if you can afford one. Our dog and also our neighbor’s dogs is an added measure to alert us when there are suspicious people in the surroundings during the wee hours of the morning.


  1. when we were still in the Philippines, Alex and I always talked about saving up money here and going back there to live with our child(ren)… but when i came here and got awed with the security and safety of the people and our respective neighborhoods, my priorities changed… when my mom in law finds it hard to catch sleep, she still goes out for a walk from 12-3am…


  2. That’s how safe in other countries, unfortunately, Philippines is not one of them. Siguro if you’re living in the rural areas, you’ll feel safer. But in the city, people can get robbed while commuting as early as 7 am.


  3. very apt image here of home security, lol.

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