Sebastian’s Dive Bar: Dark Chocolate Sea Salt

This sweltering heat makes me want to head to the nearest beach or a pool. I just want to be in the water. At work, I don’t even want to go outside for lunch or a meeting because imagine the heat at noon! I think everyone should do a conferencing service so that we can all stay at home.

Anyway, since work gets in the way that I can’t just take a hiatus from this heat, I will just DIVE, a different kind of dive from Sebastian’s Ice Cream, dive bar in Dark Chocolate Sea Salt.

Sebastian's Dive Bar in Dark Chocolate Sea Salt

Sebastian’s Dive Bar in Dark Chocolate Sea Salt, Php 120

This is my kind of indulgence this summer, a delicious pick-me-upper when I need to cool down. Took this photo using my phone’s cam, sorry for the low-quality. But here’s the one from their site:

dark chocolate sea salt

Is that enticing enough? The sea salt is a fresh taste from the monotony of the dark chocolate ice cream and dip, give it a try!

More  dive bars for me to try!

sebastian's dive bars


  1. Oh yummy! my current fave is Magnum ice cream 😀


    Badet Reply:

    I just had Magnum ice cream, classic. =)


  2. Wah! P120!

    Is it worth the price?


    Badet Reply:

    Oo naman, I don’t mind paying 120 pesos if sulit naman sa taste. Kesa naman Magnum, haha…


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