Romulo Cafe – a preview

I attended an event held at Romulo Cafe along Scout Tuazon, I heard about this restaurant before but never piqued my interest because they serve Filipino food, and I eat Filipino food at home everyday, hehe. But after trying out their food at this event, I will surely visit Romulo Cafe one of these days. The first thing that impressed me about Romulo Cafe is the homey ambiance because it’s formerly an old house transformed into a restaurant. The relaxed atmosphere made into stylish and chic because of the black and white interiors and damask wallpapers, love the wallpapers! Upstairs are the function rooms which can be rented for a fee but it’s also consummable. The event was held at one of their function rooms, Kasiyahan room.

Now, a preview of their food…

Lumpiang Shanghai

Nothing really special about the Lumpiang Shanghai, just the same, as long as it’s served crispy and filling is good. What I would like to try again on my next visit is their Boneless Crispy Pata, the skin is crispy and since it’s boneless, what I had inside is pure pork meat.


A very cute way of serving the humble suman. Bite-sized suman fried and then served in shot glasses with the sauce at the bottom.

Lava Rock

This is the dessert I ordered and surely a must-try for choco lovers. Chocolate cake with caramel lava filling inside served together with caramel ice cream. It’s so sinfully good I wanted to order another one, heck, I can even consumer 3, or 4 of these, haha. This is one dessert I would indulge in, besides I think taking adapexin-p will burn the extra calories.

I’m egging the husband that we visit Romulo Cafe because I still dream of Lava Rock…


  1. The food looks good nd delicious


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