Rave: Magnolia’s Choco Chip Cookie Dough

Summer heat is always making us crave for something cool to make those hot afternoons bearable. And ice cream is the cheapest escape for kids and adults alike, be it dirty ice cream, gourmet or store bought.

I’ve always been a fan of Magnolia ice cream. I love their Chocolate and Strawberry flavors. Their Limited Edition Choco Berry Truffles is good too! Now, I sooo love their Choco Chip Cookie Dough ice cream which reminds me of Ben & Jerry’s and Sebastian’s ice cream. Choco Chip Cookie Dough is vanilla ice cream blended with cookie dough and sprinkled with choco chips.

I will choose this over Sebastian’s Choco Chip Cookie Dough because Sebastian’s ice cream is too sweet for my taste. Magnolia’s is way cheaper than Sebastian’s too!

*photo taken from http://www.sanmiguel.com.ph/Articles.aspx?ID=1&a_id=642


  1. girlforallstatus says

    I would try this one next time. I always choose the choco peanut flavor. I’m not that adventurous when it comes to ice cream. I dunno why…=)


  2. cookie dough fan here too


  3. ~*~ Badet ~*~ says

    Try this, ice cream lovers will definitely love this one.


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