Paradise Dynasty’s Xiao Long Bao, S Maison at the Conrad Manila

I love dimsum and one of my faves is the xiao long bao. I find sheer pleasure in delicately picking up those little baos and then gently sipping the soup inside. I got excited with Paradise Dynasty’s 8 Flavors of Xiao Long Bao and really wanted to try each of the flavors. We finally dropped by for lunch at Paradise Dynasty at S Maison at Conrad Manila.

But we ordered the Original Xiao Long Bao though…

Original Xiao Long Bao

Original Xiao Long Bao, 10 pcs for Php 298

I learned that Paradise Dynasty’s Xiao Long Bao has 18 folds to get that perfect look. I’m not going to count the folds but I can say that this is one of the best xiao long baos I’ve tried. It has a copious amount of flavorful broth paired with its meat filling. The meat tastes fresh and simple but makes you want to reach out for more of these little basket of gems. You can top it with grated ginger and dip it in vinegar but I’m already satisfied how the broth gave flavor to the xiao long bao.

xiao long bao paradise dynasty

We first asked how big is the serving of their Egg Fried Rice knowing that most Chinese restaurants serve their rice in a platter meant to share. The staff said that it’s good for 2-3 persons.

egg rice

Egg Fried Rice, Php 198

The Egg Fried Rice does not look like it can feed 2 to 3 persons though, just bigger than your 1 cup of rice :p. And what they served is very different from what it looks like from the menu. We still enjoyed it but we needed another serving.

sweet and sour pork paradise dynasty

Crispy Sweet and Sour Pork, Php 288

Instead of the usual meatballs with sweet and sour sauce, Paradise Dynasty made their version with Crispy Pork. My daughter, Gwen, liked this a lot because the sauce is on the sweet side.

glutinous rice balls paradise dynasty

Glutinous Rice Ball topped with Grated Nuts, Php 138

For dessert, we tried their Glutinous Rice Ball topped with Grated Nuts. From the menu, it looked like 4 big balls of glutinous rice and we thought it will be enough for the four of us. It turned out they’re smaller than the photo :p

glutinous rice balls at paradise dynasty

The rice ball is really soft and when you bite into it reveals a sweet paste. I think it’s toasted black sesame. If you’re ordering desserts, this one is a must.

paradise dynasty at s maison at conrad manila

Paradise Dynasty’s Xiao Long Bao is a must try especially for dimsum lovers like us, we’ll come back to try the 8 flavors or maybe the truffle one. I have just minor issues about the photos from the menu and how it looks different when served so it’s best to always ask the staff for their serving recommendation or just order another serving.

Disclosure: Paid for our own meals.


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