9 years of being a couple, from the struggles of college life to the transition of joining the rat race after graduation…

3 years of blissful married life, our lives together spent with friends travelling and savoring the best life has to offer…

Jeff & Badet

We were blessed, so blessed that every time I pray at night, I couldn’t think of anything to ask but to thank the Lord for everything and let Him guide and decide what’s best for us.

Yes, 3 years of being married and yet we still can’t get enough of each other, we still tease, we still go out, we still fight like the first day we met. A lot of family and friends already asked us when will we be having kids? The most common question everytime there’s a gathering to the point that it annoys me sometimes. Just to make the conversation short, we’ll just say “next year”, we’ve been saying the exact same answer for the past 3 years, hehe… At the back of our minds, we’re still not ready, we still have plenty of things to do, a lot of travelling and exploring, and a number of adventures waiting to unfold.

But life presents surprises at an unexpected time… when you least expect it really. Just when I thought that I have everything planned for us, God gave us something big, life-changing, something that will alter our lives forever…

And as I quote from my previous blog, “Life’s surprises came in an Ipod-shuffle-like stick”…


The minute I saw the result, a rush of emotions came upon me, happiness, joy, excitement, anxiety, etc… Questions like, “Am I ready?”, “Is this true?”, “What about our plans?”, etc… My husband’s reasoning assured me, God won’t give this huge blessing if we’re not ready. And so I prayed and asked Him to make us the best parents once our little bundle of joy arrives.

One of the most amazing feelings for a woman is to hear her first baby’s heartbeat, suddenly all my priorities revolve around the little one. Never mind that our planned trip for 2011 will be cancelled, just so I can nurse my baby by then and give to her the utmost care and attention that she needs. Everything I do and every step I take, I have my little one in mind…

first ultrasound

That little clump above gave the most soothing harmonious sound, heartbeats that got me teary-eyed…

Times like these deserves a celebration, thanks to Goldilocks for providing instant feast to rather ordinary days. Our special moment was celebrated with a Black Forest cake…

Black Forest

No matter what changes life brings, Goldilocks was there in the lives of many to bring comfort and share happiness. I’m sure my baby is happy with her first taste of Goldilocks cake, don’t worry baby, there’ll be lots of Goldilocks memories in store for you once you’re born…

Aaah, pregnancy cravings…well, Goldilocks has been my BFF since day one. From the yummy empanada, sampaloc, egg pie, cookies, etc… But one staple food at my desk is the Goldilocks polvoron, I like how it satisfied my sweet cravings and also my coffee cravings, thanks to the coffee-flavored polvoron.

Goldilocks polvoron

As I near my third trimester, and as I stare at the mirror looking at my ever changing body, I also see an inner change…

Pregnancy is not all about the physical changes on a woman, it’s the blossoming of being a mother. A mother that will give new life, a life that will bring change…

*My official entry to Nuffnang Pagbabago contest from Goldilocks.


  1. Oh my gosh 😀 Congratulations! 😀 keep us posted. I’m sure you’ll be an amazing mom


  2. Hi Badet! I actually always wondered before kung gano na kayo katagal ni Jeff.. wow, 9 years..
    Don’t worry, matutuloy din kayo dito.. and sana, makapag-bonding mga anak natin, hehe…
    I truly admire your relationship. Endless honeymoon mode.. hehe..
    Again, congratulations to both of you..


  3. hi sis, pareho tayo, took a picture of my positive preg test stick heheh! and oh my goodness, after looking at the black forest cake, I now want to have a big slice of it 🙁


  4. congrats girl, i know you and your partner will be a good parents, goodluck hope everything is ok until you deliver your baby (deliver agad no hehe)


  5. Congratulations and so many good wishes on your new chapter in life.
    Where was that photo looks absolutely breathtaking~


    Badet Reply:

    Hi Dorothy, our photo was taken some 4 years ago, in Mt. Ugu, one of the mountain ranges in the Northern Part of the Philippines.


  6. Hey fellow GTalker! Good luck on the contest!!! Congratulations on your baby!!! 😀


  7. sis, pareho tayo ng theme sa Pagbabago entry, ang pagiging isang ina. 🙂 (sino na kaya ang nanalo?) love the Black Forest! pero one very thin slice lang siguro ako kasi on the family way na ulit ako. hihihi!

    by the way, I’m having a blog giveaway, please drop by my blog to check it out. 🙂


    Badet Reply:

    Hi sis, goodluck on both our entries. I’m 26 weeks on the family way and yet, di ko mapigilan kumain ng sweets eh. 🙂


    adaengkantada Reply:

    actually, ako rin. pero pinipilit kong bawasan, baka kasi lumobo yung baby. saka na ako magpapakasasa sa sweets. ngayon, panakaw muna. hehehe!


  8. cute story, i like! goodluck on the contest.


  9. I am also craving some Goldilocks goodies kaso wala nyan dito sa Palawan 🙁

    Love the story, I hope you win!


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