Oishi Snacktacular 2015 at Trinoma Activity Center

Here’s an ultimate O-some event that you can do this weekend, Oishi Snacktacular 2015 is happening right now at the Trinoma Activity Center! The #OishiSnacktacular event will be until August 9, 2015, be there at 4 pm to catch the Team O members including Elmo Magalona, Kathryn Bernardo, Daniel Padilla, Slater Young, Ramon Bautista and newest member Alex Gonzaga.

Yesterday was the media event and I got to experience most of the attractions, too bad I wasn’t able tot try the Oishi Snack Catcher. Let me tell you how exciting and fun it was!

oishi snacktacular 2015 trinoma


oishi snacktacular 2015 Pass To Wow card

Pass To Wow card

Registration is free! Everyone is welcome to join the fun inside the activity area. Get your Pass To Wow card at the registration booth. However, you need to pay for each of the activities starting from Php 20. When you participate in the activity booths, you will get one stamp. Complete all six stamps to get a free Oishi t-shirt and a chance to join the raffle for even more O, Wow! treats!

#OishiSnacktacular Activities

I promise you will have an O-some time and you will say #OishiOWow after each activity. After the registration area, proceed to your right for the first booth.

Oishi Pack & Pose

Oishi snacktacular 2015 Snack & Pose

This is a really cool photobooth. Step inside the giant Oishi Prawn Crackers snack, grab some props and strike a pose.

Oishi Slush C+

Oishi Snacktacular Slush C+

The Smart C+ drink was made even more delicious when they turned it into a slushie drink. You have to pay Php 20 per cup.

Oishi O-Twirl

This is a must-try! Did you know that Oishi Choco Chug Chocolate Milk drink can be made into a soft-serve ice cream? Not only that, you can put different toppings like Oishi Pillows, Baconette Strips, etc. This activity is Php 20.

I chose Baconette Strips and Wafu as my toppings. I like the sweet and salty combination.

oishi snacktacular 2015 Oishi O-Twirl

oishi snacktacular 2015 oishi o-twirl

Oishi Make Your Own Snack

oishi snacktacular 2015 make your own snack

Here’s your chance to mix and match your favorite Oishi snack for only Php 20. Start by choosing your bag and then your base such as ridges, corn clubs, etc. and then finally your flavors.

What’s your flavor? I chose barbecue and sweet & spicy.

oishi snacktacular 2015 make your own snack

Oishi Snack Shack

oishi snacktacular 2015 snack shack

This is fun and you need a little strategy to make sure that what you’re getting is worth Php 295. You will be given a 2-feet giant pack with the design you like, wait for the go signal to fill the bag with your Oishi treats. You must fill it fast because you only have 60 seconds.

oishi snacktacular 2015 snack shack

oishi snacktacular 2015 snack shack

I got carried away with getting boxes of Wafu because it’s my favorite that’s why I wasn’t able to get as much. But still happy with my loot nonetheless.

oishi snacktacular 2015

Oishi Snack Catcher

oishi snacktacular 2015 snack catcher

I think everyone will agree that this is the best activity during the event. For Php 120 per ride, you will be strapped into a harness and dipped into a pool of Oishi snacks! Grab everything you can.

So far, Slater Young got the most number of snacks during the media event, 157 packs! Here’s how he did it:

oishi snacktacular 2015 snack catcher slater young

Looking at the photos of the Snack Catcher, I think I wanna try it tomorrow! Come on, it will be open from 10 am to 9 pm. Remember to dress comfortably and don’t forget to bring your cameras because Team O celebrities will be there to serve you!

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