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I first encountered the term mystery shopping 3 years ago at the Girltalk forum. Apparently, mystery shopping is already known in the US and is used for the improvement of customer service. Here in the Philippines, I signed up with Satisfind out of sheer curiosity on how to be a mystery shopper. That was 3 years ago and I only got to do 2 projects for them. One is to do grocery shopping and another is to rate the customer service provided by a certain jeans boutique. Mystery shopping is quite exciting, it requires being attentive to what the sales assistants are doing because you’re going to assess them and answer their survey form online after your mystery shopping stint. It can’t be considered as another source of income through, it’s just for pure fun. I only got a Php 300 gift certificate for the grocery mystery shopping and a Php 500 as a token for the boutique mystery shopping.

The only requirement to be a mystery shopper is you have to be at least 18 years old. If you want to experience being a mystery shopper, register at their site. If you know of other companies who are looking for mystery shoppers, post it here.


  1. yes, mystery shopping is fun but it can never be a stable source of income due to the limited number of projects. did mystery shopping for Shop ‘N Chek Phils. before. mga fastfood restos naman saka banks. i don’t know but i stopped getting assignments from them after my ‘handler’ quit her job there. 🙂


    mitch Reply:

    Im a mystery shopper too from SNC, to tell you honestly why recently we get no assignments since our shop coordinator quit their job because, Shop coordinators that’s left at SNC were doin the shops themselves……. They’re so greedy!!!


  2. I thought mystery shopper earns a lot. Anyway, I also want to try and be a myster shopper even if it’s just for fun. 🙂


  3. narinig ko na yan but haven’t tried it yet. sige try ko mag sign up parang feel ko ang mga ganyan pero I doubt if they have here in Mindanao:(


    Chas Reply:

    Hi! This is Chas of Shop’N Chek. We are looking for mystery shoppers all over the Philippines and in other countries. If you are interested, please do email me at

    You can check out our websites:


    mitch Reply:

    I hope youre not one of the PLASTICS……


  4. Au Coeur Du Luxe (A.C.D.L.) is Hiring Mystery Shoppers!

    Our Company
    A.C.D.L. is a renowned luxury retail consultancy. Our core business includes auditing, training and mystery shopping. We help world class luxury brands with their development globally. In recent years, A.C.D.L. is developing rapidly in Asia (Hong Kong, Shanghai,Singapore,…). Our clients include CARTIER, CHANEL, NUXE, GUERLAIN, PAUL SMITH, L’ORÉAL,TOD’S,… ETC.

    What is Mystery Shopping?
    Mystery shopping or mystery consumer is a tool used by market research companies to measure quality of retail service or gather specific information about products and services. Mystery shoppers posing as normal customers perform specific tasks—such as purchasing a product, asking questions, registering complaints or behaving in a certain way – and then provide detailed reports or feedback about their experiences.
    Your Tasks:
    1. Receiving our training before each campaign in order to understand what to evaluate (free or charge).
    2. Go shopping undercover at required counter/shop with the given scenario, observe closely, and evaluate the quality of service. A typical visit with purchase is usually 45 minutes and a typical visit without purchase is usually 20 minutes.
    3. Fill out our questionnaire in our online system and upload the required documents/photos.

    We are Hiring Mystery Shoppers !
    In accordance with our development in Indonesia/Philippines/Malaysia, we are now looking for mystery shoppers of luxury products and high-end products.

    Mystery Shoppers Requirements :
    1. Male & Female
    2. Age : between 25 & 50 years old
    3. Customers of luxury fashion brands preferred
    4. Responsible and Ethical.
    5. Having a camera or a smart phone with a camera function. Having internet access.

    We provide:
    Compensations suitable for high-end consumers and/or luxury gifts;
    Flexibility – You can conduct your mystery visit whenever you feel like shopping!

    For more A.C.D.L. information, please visit Inquiries to:


    calla villeza Reply:

    Hi im interested to be,one..


  5. Become a Mystery Shopper for AQ Services International!

    What does a mystery shopper do?
    As a Mystery Shopper, you will be visiting companies, where you will observe the quality of the offered services and products. The branches of these companies vary. Our clients are: hotels, theaters, petrol stations, food chains, clothing shops and many more. The visit will be executed by means of a predetermined scenario. The observations will be submitted objectively in the provided survey. After each visit, you will submit the survey on the internet within 24 hours of your visit.

    Being a Mystery Shopper
    Being a Mystery Shopper has a lot of benefits. At AQ Services Mystery Shoppers have to conduct a mystery visit within the timeframe given by the business manager. Mystery shoppers can decide which assignments they would like to apply for. As a Mystery Shopper you can earn money while you are shopping.

    Mystery Shopper profile
    Everyone can become a mystery shopper. Our shoppers are from all ages, different backgrounds and different nationalities. Everyone that is able to perform a mystery visit is welcome to sign up as a mystery shopper at AQ Services.

    Become a Mystery shopper now!
    Do you want to help organizations with improving the quality of their service? Sign up now to become a Mystery Shopper by visiting If you have any questions you can send an email to: or visit our website


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