My thoughts when donating relief goods

When I went to the supermarket the other day for biscuits, canned goods and juices for Ondoy victims, I can’t help but smile to the other shoppers whose carts where also filled with groceries meant for the typhoon victims. Shelves in the supermarket ran out of canned sardines, but this is good news, that only means a lot of people already bought them for donations. Some reports state that other relief operation centers are overstaffed with volunteers, I hope more people will donate so that more goods can be packed by these volunteers. Keep ’em coming!

more supplies please...
more supplies please

biscuits and juices
biscuits and juices

Just sharing my thoughts when donating relief goods:

1. Cooked food or ready-to-eat items like pork and beans, hard-boiled eggs, biscuits and sandwiches are preferred. If you donate canned goods, they still have to seach for can openers. If you donate cup noodles, they still need to wait for boiling water.

2. Garbages piled up in our rivers that’s why the great flood happened. As much as possible, minimize the use of plastic bags. I hope they can make use of the brown “supot” bag instead.

3. As much as food and water is important, victims also need underwears, diapers for their young ones, sanitary napkins and toilet paper for their hygiene, soaps, tootbrush and toothpaste. Please consider them on your list.

4. Old clothes are very much welcome…. but PLEASE, do not donate clothes that could pass up as a RUG! Donate WEARABLE CLOTHES!

Other thoughts that crossed my mind:

1. When I was at the mall, I was quite surprised with plenty of families with their kids in tow. I suddenly remembered classes are suspended for the whole week. Why not involve your children in helping out typhoon victims? Make sandwiches at home together with your kids and distribute them to relief operation centers, even the volunteers can benefit from them as snacks.

2. With the classes suspended, you’re spared from your child’s/children’s allowance, you can donate the money intended for your children or buy additional grocery items for the victims. A little goes a long way.

3. Before you buy that expensive gadget or that pretty make-up you’ve been lemming for, think of all those families who’ve lost all of their belongings and needed your extra penny to start all over again.

Another storm is coming, let’s pray to God to calm the storm…


  1. great tips sis! i still check out stuff online but honestly can’t stomach buying any makeup right now. not when so many of my kababayans have no houses nor food. am also afraid of that other storm which iis supposedly coming.


  2. I feel the same way Ida, I don’t have the appetite to shop for myself right now.


  3. hi badet! its so nice of you to post an article letting others know that they could help the Ondoy typhoon victims in their own little ways. I could hardy believed seeing the news here overseas and its really heart breaking. Even my family suffered from the flood they almost stayed in the roof. But considering we are still lucky not sharing the same fate with the others who lost not only their homes but their love ones.
    A little amount won’t hurt our pocket and a little effort to volunteer for a cause would mean a lot to all of our kababayans.
    .-= tey´s last blog ..The "Total Effects" of Olay =-.


  4. Very good points Badet. Hope a lot of people could read your post.
    .-= Fatherlyours´s last blog ..Our Own Little Way of Relief Operation =-.


  5. great tip!
    .-= mrsmartinez´s last blog ..SNL: Madonna and Lady Gaga =-.



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    shares (my thoughts when donating relief goods)

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