Mr. Jones with the mister

We celebrated Father’s day at Mr. Jones in Greenbelt 5, Makati. I have a Beeconomic voucher availed few months ago and it’s the perfect time to use it. Jeff likes milkshakes, and milkshakes are one of the specialty of this American diner, Mr. Jones.

Mr. Jones, Greenbelt 5, Makati

Based on the food blogs I read, a must-try is the Wicked Truffled Mac n’ Cheese (Php 395).


Wicked Truffled Mac n’ Cheese (Php 395)

Upon seeing this, I’m in cheese heaven! They didn’t scrimp on cheese and I can really taste the earthy flavor of the truffle (though I’m not a fan). The serving is good for 2 to 3 persons. I’m the only one who finished the whole serving that’s why I find it nakakaumay.


Jones Classic Burger
served with fries, pickles and coleslaw

Jeff had his burger well done, thumbs up for presentation but we tasted better burgers than this.


Peppermint Patty milkshake, Php 250

My milkshake, because chocolate + mint is love…


Arrogant Bastard Ale, Php 305

I brought Jeff here because of milkshakes, right? But he got sidetracked with the imported beers on display that’s why he ordered beer instead. Don’t worry, he’s not an alcoholic and doesn’t need any drug treatment program, he just love tasting different kinds of beer.

Mr. Jones is a nice dining experience, quite pricey but worth the visit, just for once or for special occasions.


  1. wow, i haven’t had diner food in a while… but your post makes me crave to get some 🙂


  2. Oh, I love chocolate + mint concoctions too! =) Does the milkshake taste as good as it looks?


    Badet Reply:

    Hi Natalie, yes the milkshake tastes heavenly. 🙂 I’m really not a fan of milkshakes but the idea of mint choco lured me. =)


  3. Your photos look great and the food looks delicious in your photos. The bad thing is I’m never lured to such food such as burgers, fries, Mac n Cheese, coz most often when we have lunch out together with my husband, this is what we get. Nakakasawa. I’m longing for all our native food. Hehehe!


    Badet Reply:

    Haha, baliktad naman sa akin. Minsan lang ako makapag mac n cheese eh, laging rice na may sabaw.


  4. I’ve tried Mr. Jones before and I agree they serve on of the best pastas ever! Haven’t tried the milkshake yet though. =)


  5. Oh wow what a wonderful celebration!! I love everything you’ve showed here, sana magka chance kami makapunta jan when we visit Manila.

    Na plus one ko na rin to 😛


  6. Loved my low-cal milkshake when I dined there with my fiancee. Trues, it’s quite pricey but I think the tasty dishes and the huge food servings make up for it. 🙂


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