Missing the beach

It’s been two months since our last vacation and now our bodies are screaming for another break. We have our weekends off alright but it’s still different when you’re going out of town, away from the hustle and bustle of the city. We’re looking forward to our company outing next month at Laiya, San Juan but we can’t hold off our yearning for a quick escape. And since Holy Week is near, it’s the perfect time for a beach outing. I’m excited to plan this one because it will be our first “family” outing together, mommy-daddy-baby outing!

hit the beach

For us, it’s seems boring to be coming back to the same place again. So I’m on the look-out for new places to see, also interested to check out the beach scene in other countries. We are so enticed with our friend’s experience during her trip, she had her vacation in Europe and had the opportunity to stay at those French villas. We just listened to her story that she completely enjoyed her vacation even if she’s a lonesome traveler because the owner of the villa where she stayed is warm and friendly and made her stay worthwhile. The owner even offered her a free tour and a taste of living like a French local. It’s like couchsurfing but with a fee. A French vacation is way out of budget for us, we told her that but she referred us to Owners Direct website, she used this site to find her ideal and affordable vacation. Initially, she wanted to stay in one of the Spain villas but after comparing the French and Spain villas, she chose the first. She gave us a tip that we only look for 1 bedroom villas/apartment to save on cost. We should also check out the extra amenities/facilities available because that also adds on the price.

I’m still dreaming about a beach destination outside the country, well, let’s see where our itchy feet will take us this summer…

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