Michael Kors watches I love

Michael Kors watches are the hot blings nowadays. Browse through Instagram from people posting their #armparty or #armswag for the day and you’ll spot a Michael Kors watch there.

I browsed through the different styles online and these are the styles that I fell in love with.

Left: Michael Kors Logo Watch; Right: Michael Kors Rose Gold Midsize Runway Chronograph Watch

The one with the MK logo is sold for $225 while the Runway Chronograph watch is sold for $250.

Left: Michael Kors Polyurethane Chronograph Watch; Right: Michael Kors Chain-Link Watch

The MK Polyurethane Chronograph watch is perfect for casual outfits. It comes in different colors too, definitely an eye-candy. My top pick is this Michael Kors Chain Link watch in Tortoise. I love how the chain links hugs my small wrists. I was able to fit this in the store and I really love this style, (Santa, I hope you’re reading this!). The gold chain also adds a classy touch.

Are you a fan of Michael Kors watches too? What style do you own or like from the photos?


  1. We have the same taste, sis. Love the chronograph watch and the chain link watch, too! 🙂


  2. I would love to own one too but If I find it impractical as of the moment…This watch would cost a nice MK handbag too. So if I were to choose, I’d rather go for a handbag. But don’t get me wrong, I’d be stoked if someone would send me one as a gift.


  3. omg! inlove with that watch! 2nd row right side! loving the unique bracelet look!


  4. I’d love to own an MK watch if I can save up some moolah soon. The Michael Kors Logo Watch and Polyurethane Chronograph Watch look sooooooo good! <3


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