Manny Pacquiao and Will Ferrell sing Imagine on Jimmy Kimmel Live

Manny Pacquiao sang “Imagine” with Will Ferrell on his third guesting at Jimmy Kimmel Live show in the US. This is not yet the much-awaited Pacquiao vs. Margarito match but from the video, Manny Pacquiao has already plenty of supporters even from Americans.

The duet of Manny Pacquiao and Will Ferrell singing Imagine really entertained me, watch it:


  1. I know,he was such an entertainer.lolz..but i am afraid that he might lose to margarito. He wasn’tready I think, but let just hope for the best. He should always keep on his mind that there is nothing to lose for margarito but moreto gain.


  2. This video amused me too because I like Will Ferrell as a comedian and of course, who doesn’t like Manny?
    It’s true Manny has a lot of American supporters and fans.


  3. OMG hahah I haven’t seen this one before! That’s entertainment :P!


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