Since January, the concessionaire who sells lunch and merienda in our office building ended their contract. There’s a new seller but we don’t like the taste and just by the looks of all their cooked meals, they’re all rather unappealing. So aside from the good ol’ McDonalds, KFC and the foodcourt at ELJ  Building, we also frequent Makisushi. Makisushi has been existent since I worked in QC but never really paid attention until months ago.


Makisushi interior (photo borrowed from their website)

The place as seen from the photo is small, I think it only has a seating capacity of 12-15 people. Well, at least, it’s far from the noisy ambiance of McDonald’s across.

They have an extensive menu, from rice toppings to different kinds of sushi. They even have value meals which come with miso soup and bottomless iced tea. In one of our lunches, I ordered Tuna Teppanyaki value meal which comes with Kani Salad and bottomless iced tea for only Php 149. Jeff ordered Katsudon, Php 145.


Tuna Teppanyaki
kani salad

They give generous portions of everything, from the bean sprouts and the tuna. The sauce of the tuna can be a little salty at times, which makes me reach for more servings of plain rice. The fresh taste of kani salad cuts the monotony of soy sauce taste throughout the dish.

Katsudon, Php 145

Katsudon is a rice bowl dish with beef strips and stir-fried veggies on top. Basically the same taste with my tuna teppanyaki sauce, only this time, it’s beef.

We like eating here because food is served hot, they cook it after ordering so we always wait for 15-30 minutes. The staff are friendly, helpful and knowledgeable with their menu.

Makisushi – website

160 Panay Avenue corner EDSA, South Triangle, Quezon City

+632 413 2244


  1. i love sushi… i would have loved reading more about their sushis badet but the dishes you featured look yummy too.

    this place was near our apartment when i was still in QC but i never had the chance to visit the place.


  2. I’ve always been around that area too, and didn’t think of trying makisushi. but your post makes me think otherwise. thanks! 🙂


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