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Planning and hosting a party is one gargantuan task, from the theme/motif selection, food preparation, location hunting, sending out invites, entertaining the guests, up to the giveaways for your guests. Whew! Just thinking all about it makes me all tired…. and nervous. I’m really not into throwing out parties, that’s why whenever there’s a need for me to have one just like our wedding and Gwen’s 1st birthday, I turn to catering and Jollibee.

In a recent 4-in-1 bloggers event at Oasis Manila hosted by Hizon’s Catering, they showed that you can just kick back and enjoy your own party, act like one of the guests even. Let Hizon’s Catering do all the hard work.

hizon's catering

I thought that Hizon’s caters only to weddings, I was proven wrong because since 1989 Hizon’s Catering has been busy behind the scenes of baptisms, graduations, weddings, anniversaries, birthdays, seminars, Christmas parties, product launches, etc. Name it and they’ve done it. From simple and casual to lavish and formal. They’ve provided food, service, and amenities.

hizons catering wedding set up

Here’s an example of a setup if your wedding is all formal and elegant. Their packages start at Php 450!

hizons catering

hizon's catering

wedding cake hizon's catering

Hizon’s Catering is not all about the food, venue, and styling. They also takes care of your hotel, bridal car, entertainment, sound system, and most importantly, the cake.

“We take care of everything. We assign an event planner to every client to coordinate all the details,” says Hizon’s Catering General Manager, Joseph Hizon. “We don’t mark-up on it, it’s like an added service. We’ve always been known for giving good value,” he shares.

I’ve always known Hizon’s Catering for their good food. I’m excited to attend a party if I knew that it’s catered by Hizon’s.

food hizon's catering

At the event, there was a heavy buffet of soup, salad, main course, and a carving station.

hizons catering

They can also set up an omelette station which I enjoyed thoroughly, this is perfect for early business affairs or conventions.

omelette station hizons catering

Hizon’s Catering can accommodate anywhere between 50 and 15,000 guests. They have events based in Metro Manila, Subic, Batangas, and Rizal. They are accredited by most venues in Metro Manila.

For more information, visit You may also email or call (02) 9250103 / (02) 9250107.

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