Make your days #lightandsweet with CBTL’s Vanilla Almond

More than a month has passed since the start of the year, how are you doing with all your resolutions? I still see a lot of my friends who are busy KonMari-ing their homes, minimizing the clutter, giving to charities, and throwing things out. It’s a cycle, you know, starting the year with a clean slate. But it’s the good kind because your life will definitely be #lightandsweet.

coffee bean and tea leaf vanilla almond

This is what our friends from Coffee Bean and Tea Leaf Philippines had in mind when they concocted their newest offering, Vanilla Almond, for us to have a lighter and sweeter new year.

The Vanilla Almond is a creamy vanilla and almond beverage mixed with premium espresso and a decadent almond sauce drizzle. Ooooh, just thinking about it makes me want to head to the nearest CBTL right now.

coffee bean and tea leaf vanilla almond

Come enjoy it hot, over ice or ice blended®. I always have my coffee over ice and no whipped cream, this for me, is the perfect #lightandsweet drink.

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