Longganisa Sorpresa

If there’s one Filipino meal that you can never go wrong, it’s Longsilog, short for longganisa, sinangag at itlog. Longganisa is Filipino sausage and in the Philippines, each province has their own version of this delicacy. Some like it with lots of garlic like Vigan longganisa, some like it sweet, etc. I’m pretty sure you’ll find the longganisa variety you’ll love. But you don’t have to travel to different provinces just to taste the different kinds, you can just go to Longganisa Sorpresa, a new resto in Sky Garden, SM North Edsa.

Longganisa Platter, Php 360

We were in a group so we decided to have the Longganisa Platter, 5 different kinds of longganisa, I appreciate the fact that they labeled them so that we’ll know the variant we’re having. But if you’re dining solo, 1 longganisa meal of your choice plus a drink is only Php 99. It’s really affordable that the place is always packed whenever we pass by this resto, some are employees and some are even students in nurses uniforms.

On our platter, we included their Chili Longganisa, I find it too spicy. Other variants were okay, some are a bit tough though.

What goes well with this meal is vinegar. And they provide you with 5 different kinds of vinegar too, just choose what complements your chosen longganisa variant.

I still like Lucban longganisa. What’s your favorite kind?



  1. I have LS post way back 2010 also in Sky Garden 🙂 Cheers!!!


  2. i like skinless longganisa and the one that’s served in Jollibee! 🙂 Lucban longganisa is next.


  3. Aw so layo naman but i’d love to taste their diff longanizas.. Addict ako jan but only tasted Vigan and Lucban.. 🙂


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