Kenny Rogers Hainanese Chicken Rice

Kenny Rogers is known for their roast chicken and their ever popular mac & cheese as side dish. They also add other variety for their roast chicken like making it spicy aside from their classic roast. This time, Kenny Rogers makes a twist on a very popular Singaporean dish, Hainanese Chicken Rice.

Kenny Rogers Hainanese Chicken Rice

I got to taste Hainanese Chicken Rice at the Food Republic in Silvercord Mall, HK before but the one in HK tasted bland for my taste. Kenny Rogers Hainanese Chicken Rice suits my Pinoy tastebuds. The rice itself has a Pinoy twist with the addition of garlic chips. The poached chicken is tender and falls right off the bone, I like that I got my fave part, thighs! The 3 sauces (ginger, chili, soy sauce) that come with the chicken lets you tickle your tastebuds as you jump from one sauce to another or combine them. Among the three, I like the chili and the soy sauce. A flavorful chicken broth also comes with the chicken, and this broth is the reason why I keep craving for my Hainanese Chicken Rice and don’t care if I need phenphedrine already. The broth is reminiscent of tinola, flavorful chicken and ginger in a hot bowl. Kenny Rogers Hainanese Chicken Rice is another comfort food.


  1. Oh they have chicken rice at Kenny…yan ang isa ko pang miss na food talaga.


    Badet Reply:

    Yup, meron. Pero di sya kalasa ng authentic SG chicken rice.


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