Kabayan Beach Resort in Laiya

We just had our company outing at Kabayan Beach Resort in Laiya, San Juan, Batangas. Every year, we are looking forward as to where our summer outing will be, last year was Boracay, this year is at Kabayan Beach Resort. Although the beach in Batangas is incomparable to Boracay, I’m still excited because we can bring Gwen along, hence making it our firs family outing. I love my company because they allow employees to bring their families, so it’s not only for team building purposes but also as family bonding as well. It’s also an opportunity to get to know the families of their employees.

Kabayan Beach Resort beachfront

Kabayan Beach Resort is big making it perfect for team building activities. There’s a large parking lot that can accommodate tour buses. Amenities include videoke, billiards, chapel, multi-purpose hall, playground, swimming pool and a large area for your team building activities like games.

You have to pay Php 100 for use of the swimming pool.

Meals are provided by Kabayan during our stay, buffet style

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They have dorm type rooms that accommodate big groups. With our company, employees who didn’t bring their families were assigned to dorm rooms while employees who have kids with them were assigned to smaller rooms. We were assigned to Dama de Noche, an antique looking style cottage with 2 bedrooms with 3 double-sized beds. It has its own common bathroom, sala and kitchen . From Kabayan’s website, it can accommodate 12 to 15 persons, price per night is Php 11,000.

Dama de Noche rooms at Kabayan

I love the antique looking style and the big rooms, what I don’t like is its location in the resort, it’s near the entrance and too far from the beachfront. If you want to stay at Kabayan, better check out the resort’s layout before booking rooms. One advantage in staying at Dama de Noche, good WiFi signal =). Yes, Kabayan Beach Resort is a WiFi hotspot.


  1. I’ve heard a lot of great things about “Bora” and this looks like a pretty good place to spend the summer with.

    Thanks for sharing this place. I might just check this one out cause I’m going to the Philippines this summer. But basing from the looks of this, it seems like a perfect getaway place for me.

    Thanks once again.


  2. ive been to laiya but not sure about the two resorts, we climbed mt. maambon or sound similar to that we passed by a long great sea front where you can pitch your on tent, people are nice. be sure to check with barangay officer before indulging..



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