Jellicious Nestle Fruit Selections

Last week, I received an invite from Nuffnang for their Laughter Yoga event and the launching of a new product from Nestle, the Nestle Fruit Selections yogurt+jelly. Intrigued with the new product and if it tastes as yummy as the existing yogurt fruit selections, I searched for it at the dairy aisle in the nearest supermarket.

Nestle Fruit Selections

It was really difficult to spot amongst other Nestle yogurt variations, I have to read the small label that reads yogurt+jelly at the bottom. Maybe they can choose a more distinct packaging to set it apart from their old products. I chose the strawberry-flavored one.

Jellicious yogurt+jelly

I dig jellies that’s why I’m happy with this new yogurt innovation. For those who find yogurt to be tart, the jelly helps in balancing the taste because of it’s sweetness, also adds texture to the creamy yogurt. Looks like I’m stocking on these goodies from now on…

Since I’m pregnant, I really need to eat healthy foods and foods that are rich in good bacteria. And since yogurt is also derived from milk, it’s also rich in calcium. For just Php 20, this can satisfy my yogurt craving and save me from expensive frozen yogurt.


  1. ang sarap naman… bakit P20 lang sya, huhu… i tried buying jelly+yogurt here and was shocked when the clerk punched in each item, almost tig-W2000 each (about P80 each).. waah… inggit ako…


  2. Wow! This seems to be a great product. Like ko ‘to. Mahanap nga sa grocery store. hehe. Thanks for the heads up!

    Congratulations on your pregnancy, by the way. 🙂

    Lots of love,


  3. Yummy ‘no? It’s priced at P20 daw kasi mura lang jelly and yogurt is only half of each cup. Sana they introduce more flavors soon.


  4. i wanna try talaga!! love ko yogurts ng nestle esp. the buko-nata, melon-nata, strawberry and mango flavors!


  5. uy, bago nga yan ah! must get some habang introductory price pa!


  6. im not really a fan of yogurt but i love jellies! hmmm, i’ll check it out nga.


  7. I enjoy their fruit selection yogurts but it’s only now that I’ve heard about this new variation. Will definitely try one if I spot it.


  8. were you at the event? I was there! Too bad we were not introduced.


  9. tried both buko pandan & strawberry flavors… LOVED it!



  1. badet says:

    shares (Jellicious Nestle Fruit Selections (mmm))

  2. badet says:

    Naubusan ng (Nestle Yogurt Jelly)…. either ubos or di ko madistinguish yung packa…

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